How do I find out the Pant Size for a Suit?

Our good friend, John Elton from New Jersey sent us a message asking us how he could figure out what the pant size for a suit is.

This is a very good question and we hate to use the phrase, but have no choice but to say, “it depends.” The good news, though, is that in most cases the pant size is the suit size minus 7. In other words, if you had a size 40 suit, the pants would have a 33 inch waist. When buying a suit online, this is a very important measure to keep in mind. Our most recent suit on SuitUpp (Ralph Lauren Pin Stripe 2 Piece Suit) falls under this category.

Sometimes, the suits that we sell on SuitUpp have a pant waist size that is the suit size minus 6. In order to be sure, make sure to check out the full description of the suit!

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