Should I button up My Suit?

This week’s question comes from Kim Stevens from LA who asked us whether her husband should button up her suit all the way…

This is a great question and, frankly, we’ve been asked this many times before. Fortunately, the answer is not so difficult. In general, if you leave your suit unbuttoned it portrays a more relaxed and somewhat less formal look while buttoning up your suit all the way presents a more conservative and serious look. To see an example of how an unbuttoned suit can look a little less formal, check out the Sean John 2-piece suit of the week at

If you are to leave your suit buttoned up, you generally want to leave the bottom-most button unbuttoned. This is a convention that has somehow developed in the professional world and while there could be many explanations for it, “everyone else does it” seems to be the common one to go by…

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Marco Raynault
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    September 5, 2008

    2:26 pm

    The bottom button is left undone to make the pockets accessible without pulling on the button and creasing the chest.

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    H Amies

    March 20, 2009

    2:00 pm

    As a rule with a 2 button suit, you button only the top button. A 3 button suit, only the top 2 buttons -some will say only the middle button is acceptable, but if you are a man of larger carriage it is not advisable as this makes you look bigger around the middle. With 4 and 5 button suits, which are less conventional, you would button all but the botton one button.
    When do you button ALL buttons? Almost never, unless attending a funeral.
    When you sit, you unbutton all buttons to allow the jacket to hang on either side and not strain the fabric.
    NEVER stand with your suit jacket buttoned and your hands in your pockets. If you must stand with your hands in your pockets (which as a practice should be avoided) unbutton the jacket first.

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