Suit Confidence

I recently had the pleasure of lending a beautiful Sean John suit to a friend. He had a wedding to attend, and believe it or not, didn’t own a suit. Now at the time, I was thinking what you’re thinking: “Who doesn’t own a suit!?!” Anyway, once I got over my initial shock, I offered him my black pinstriped Sean John suit that I’d got from SuitUpp in July. Luckily the two of us are nearly identical in size.

So after the wedding, this friend of mine met me at our frequent haunt. I couldn’t helped but laugh when he confessed to me that he thought the suit had magical powers.

“I don’t understand!” he said, “This SUIT! I think it has magical powers! The whole night, girls were hitting on me and guys were buying me drinks! It MUST be magical.” So, after stringing him along for a while, I explained to him that the suit wasn’t actually magical, but the phenomenon it inspired was. I was talking, of course, about Suit Confidence.

Suit Confidence is that empowered feeling that you get when you put a suit on. The difference that a suit makes is incredible really. Wearing a suit puts you in the “zone”… makes you feel better looking, taller, more charming, wealthier. And when you FEEL that you CONVEY it to the people around you. Think about the difference in the way people interact with you when you’re suited up, compared to when you’re dressed down. Do you think that difference has anything to do with your actual personality? It doesn’t. People are friendlier, more polite, and more accomodating because YOU are conveying a sense of importance.

So next time you’re having an off day, put on the suit you just bought from SuitUpp and talk to the first person you see.

-Justin Pinstripe Samlal

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