How to Wear a Tuxedo

In honor of the Ralph Lauren – Black Tuxedo on sale this week at SuitUpp, we are going to give you a couple of tips about Tuxedos and how to wear them…

Here’s the deal, fashion has been changing a lot in the modern day and so some things will be stated differently here than what your grandfather would tell you. Although, there are a few things that grandpa would probably tell you that still apply:

1) When the event invitation says Formal or Black Tie Optional, this means, wear a tux. If you don’t wear a tux, people will notice and it won’t leave a good impression.

2) Black or Midnight Blue. Please choose one or the other. Sure, you could go with another color, but you better have the rapport that it will take to pull it off :)

As for more modern tips…

1) You could technically wear the jacket with a pair of jeans. This will definitely turn heads. Be prepared for it!

2) Your cummerbunds should match the fabric on your jacket (pleats face up).

3) French cuffs are the way to go!

4) A black tie event is one occasion where suspenders are a good idea, so take advantage of them.

5) Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean put on a black-colored tie. You could do that. You could also have a nice little bow-tie (no snap-ons!). Alternatively, you could put on a tie that’ll draw attention like the model in the picture above.

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