Your Ideal Suit Size

Recently, a number of people have been asking to see if we could give them some basic tips as to what suit size they should purchase from SuitUpp. It’s very important for any working professional to be able to dress well. Part of dressing nicely is learning what type of suit will fit you perfectly. Below we’ll give you some basic tips on how to choose a suit size. One thing you could do is walk into a department store and try on a few suits and apply the tips that we give you below. When you find the perfect fit, note the size. Once you have this, you can order that suit size from SuitUpp. From that point and on, if you purchase that suit size, even if it’s a bit off, it’ll be something that a tailor could fix up for you with no problem. Here are our basic tips:

Shoulders: The suit’s shoulders should hug yours and should not protrude beyond your own. Many designer suits come close and at times it will not be perfectl but as close as possible without it being obvious would work. Shoulders on a suit is one area that is very difficult to tailor.

Chest: It should not be difficult to close the buttons of your suit and it should not cause any strain for you either. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have too much room between the buttons of your jacket and your chest. Specifically, this space should not be more than your own fist size. This is a rule of thumb and may vary depending on comfort. Some common sense applies :)

Length: When your arms are hanging straight down, you should be able to cuff your fingers under the sides of your jacket. 

Pants: Your pants should not be so long that they will drag on the floor (which will destroy them) or so long that you’d have to pull them up to your chest to prevent this dragging. Typically your pants should be ¼ to ½ inch above your shoe sole.

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