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We like to think that we do an awesome job of keeping our readers informed about what they should know when it comes to men’s fashion. As you may already know, this is a mission that is shared by many blogs out there (i.e. we’re not alone). We thought it would be appropriate to give a shout out to some of the other blogs there are out there. If there are any that we miss, please do let us know in the comments area.

I Luw Fashion:
General Men’s Fashion.

The Urban Gentleman:
The Urban Gentleman is the modern gentleman. He is a man of style, class, culture, and of course he has a bit of swag.

French Tuckers:
French Truckers is a collective weblog about Fashion, Beauty, Health and Seduction for Men. It’s the English version of the famous French website “Comme un camion” (“Like a truck”) taken from the French expression “to be handsome as a truck”.

Metro Style Men:
The stylish opinion and advice from a Metro Man! Helping men look good.

She Knows Best:
Every man needs a little fashion help. Get lifestyle tips for guys and be hot!

Ask Men:
All Aspects of Men’s Fashion.

Mark Simpson:
The Father of Metrosexuality, Mark Simpson, blogs about trends and fashion for men, the self-proclaimed “lesbosexual father of metrosexuality” offers all sorts of advice for men.

The Poste Office:
A woman’s perspective on men’s clothing.

The essential men’s underwear blog.

Mode Male:
Fashion for me. News, pictures, reviews, and the next big thing.

Gear Patrol:
Gear Patrol. Men’s source for the best gear, grooming, style, electronics, entertainment, women, outdoor, sports, fitness, games and insider tips. We’re in the business of showing you why being a man has never been so good. Updated daily.

Diary of a LabelLover:
A.Fashionista ponders about the fashion ecosystem, dishes the dirty details on the shows, designer consignment and most of all how to develop personal style.

See Jack Shop:
Men’s fashion and style on a budget.

Men’s Flair:
Men’s style as seen by those living it.

Finally, there is actually a pretty good directory of all the fashion blogs out there (again, this list may miss some):


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    April 13, 2009

    4:26 pm

    Just wanted to say thank you v. much for the shout out. Will be launching a new blog soon solely for furnishing men with even more concentrated tips on lifestyle and fashion.

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    sean john

    April 16, 2009

    5:15 am

    Very interesting post. thanks for sharing those information about the men’s fashion, it gives a lot of sense, very informative. keep it up!


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