Dressing like a President. Suits worn by Presidents Obama and Bush.

Let’s be realistic, how you dress does matter. When it comes to first impressions or even ongoing impressions, it is important to make it a point to leave a positive image amongst our colleagues and co-workers. Naturally, gentlement, your suit matters. US presidents seem to understand this quite well. As leaders of the most powerful country in the world, it is almost mandatory to dress in style to impress an image in the public’s eyes. In this post, we will talk about presidential attire and where it is procured (unfortunately, not from at SuitUpp, but we’ll talk about it anyway).

Last week, we wrote about some of the most expensive suits on the market. It seems that former President George W. Bush was not at all unfamiliar to the subject. Mr. Bush had a particular affinity for fine made suits from Oxxford. If you are not familiar with Oxxford (no, not located in Britain), it is one of the world’s premiere men’s clothing outlets specializing in tailored suits. So, how much do one of these suits cost? Apparently, the company’s mission is to use only the finest quality fabric in order to make suits that are affordable in the $2,000 to $14,000 dollar range. Oxxford is located in Chicago and has a staff of about 350 employees. It makes you wonder, how many of these suits do they actually sell? Figures suggest that they sell approximately 25,000 suits a year and make over $30 Million dollars in revenue. Impressive. It seems that President Bush is not the only person in the world who believes in investing in his clothing.

President Obama has his own unique style. If you pay close attention to his attire you will notice that what he wears on a day to day basis does not change much. Not to say that the president does not change his suit on a daily basis, but rather that he owns many similar looking suits. Hart Schaffner Marx is responsible for designing a number of Obama’s suits. Obama’s suits reportedly are in the $1,500 range. Not as expensive as Mr. Bush, but still up there. The most commendable aspect of Mr. Obama’s attire is his devotion to consistency. From his signature blue ties to his uniform-like suit choices, he tends to stick to his own well-defined style and makes a pretty clear fashion statement by doing so.

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    May 24, 2012

    11:00 pm

    The most expensive suit I had ever own was a Brooks Brothers dark navy for $600.

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