Socks 101 – What type of Socks to Wear with Your Suit

Socks are such a trivial part of your attire… right? Not exactly. It is a common misconception by most men that choosing your socks doesn’t really matter. The reality is that a mismatch between your socks and the rest of your outfit will degrade your look. If you go through the effort to dress nicely all around, might as well go the last 10% and make sure that you do a good job when it comes to matching your outfit with your socks.

The reason why many men make mistakes when it comes to their socks is that there are so many different types of socks… different colors, fabrics, low-cuts, medium-cuts, high-cuts, thick socks, thin socks, and the list goes on…  The main point to consider when choosing socks is that you should try to make sure that your socks match your shoe color as much as possible. The transition that occurs between your pant cuffs to your toes should be as smooth as possible. Since your socks are smack in the middle of this transition, you have to make sure that they fit the role well. In about 95% of cases, white color socks are a bad idea. White color socks are good for the gym but not for dressy occasions. To give you an example, if you are wearing a tan suit and brown shoes, you want your socks to be a dark brown color that will fit well in between. You can even have patterned socks that have a color combination that will match your tan suit pants and your brown shoes (i.e. a mixture of these colors). Wearing black socks here, for example, won’t be the best idea.

The easiest part in choosing your socks is the thickness of the fabric. During summer months, stick to thinner fabrick and stick to thicker fabrics during winter months. We know you knew that already but we thought we’d mention this for the sake of completeness.

The final point to mention is how to go a bit above an beyond the rest. You can match your socks to another component of your attire by having the subtle patterns on your socks have the same tint of color as another accessory. For example, if you are wearing a red tie, you might consider wearing socks that have a reddish pattern. This will make your socks really blend in with the rest of your outfit.

We should also mention that if you are heading to a more formal occasion, you should really wear longer socks so that no bare legs show while you’re there. Try to also put on socks that will stay up as tugging them every 2 minutes does not look good. Well, there we go. This should have you covered the next time you want to choose your pair of socks.

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