All About Hugo Boss – The brands, the company, etc…

As you know, one of the brands that we carry a lot of at SuitUpp is Hugo Boss. Take for example, this past week’s Hugo Boss Rosellini Movie Suit. With that said, we thought it would be a great idea to tell you a bit more about Hugo Boss, the company, the brands, and where it all started.

Hugo Boss AG is based in Metzingen, Germany and was started by Hugo Ferdinand Boss (1885-1948). Hugo started his first clothing company in 1923 but due to worldwide economic crisis and other pressures was forced to shut down in 1930. He was determined to keep going so he restarted the company in 1931. During the time, the company was primarily focused on selling uniforms for the army in Germany. This business kept the company going until the war was over – after which they had to focus on new things.

In the 1960′s and 70′s Boss became well known for its production of quality men’s fashion items. In 1985 it became a¬†publicly¬†traded company on the stock exchange and in 1993, the company produced its first fragrance. Today, all fragrances produced by the Boss Company is owned by Proctor and Gamble.

The company’s largest shareholder today is the Marzotto Textile Group. The company has close to 10,000 employees and in 2007 generated approximately $2.2 billion of revenue.

Hugo Boss’s main brands are Boss Black and Boss Selection Label, Boss Green, Boss Orange, Hugo, and Baldessarini. Baldessarini is considered to be a separate brand today in a lot of ways since it was sold to Ahlers AG.

Black and Selection label suits are the brands sold most on SuitUpp. Boss Green is a mostly athletic brand and Boss Orange is an athletic/casual mix.

Finally, in the United Kingdom, the Moss Bros Group holds the exclusive license to the Hugo Boss Brand.