Dinner Table Etiquette, Guidelines, and Advice for Men

One of the reasons that we men go out and buy suits is that we want to look good and dress properly for special occasions. Formal dinners, of course, are one of the occasions, for which, we want to look our best. Now, you can look great by picking a great Suit from SuitUpp.com but you also have to be careful to act appropriately and observe commonly known rules of etiquette for the dinner table. These are vital and probably just as important as what you wear at the table. In this post, we’ll talk about the common do’s and don’ts at a formal dinner table.

First and foremost, if you are wearing a suit jacket, do not take it off when sitting down. What you should do is simply unbutton the jacket. If you don’t unbutton the jacket, it will look disorderly and contrary to that you typically want it to hang down nicely. Another reason for why you should unbutton your suit jacket is that you might actually damage it and cause some tearing depending on how you sit.

When sitting at the table, the first thing you should do is grab the napkin on the table and fold it nicely on your lap. You should use the napkin occasionally to wipe your hands or your mouth while eating. If you ever get up to go to the bathroom during dinner, please make sure not to put the napkin on the table for everyone to observe; rather, put it on your chair so that it is not observed by everyone at the table.

When it comes time for serving dinner, ladies come first. The first lady to the right of the host gets served first and this continues in a clockwise fashion until all the ladies at the table have been served. After the ladies come the men. Sorry guys :)

As for your knife and fork, if you are done with your plate, you want to have your knife and fork in parallel sitting at the 5 o’clock position on your plate. If you are not done with your plate, you should leave the knife and fork in a slightly crossed form on your plate (i.e if you aren’t using them). This will let the waiter know that you’re still working away.

As far as cutlery is concerned, the general rule of thumb is to work your way from the outside to the inside.

Now, etiquette is a very comprehensive topic and if you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the following webpages:




  1. 1

    Robert Barr

    September 23, 2009

    8:30 pm

    Men seem to loose table manners in direct correlation to how long it’s been since they left their mother’s house.

  2. 2


    September 24, 2009

    12:21 am

    hey Rob, couldn’t agree more :) at the same time, though, you tend to pick a lot of this stuff up depending on the type of career that you have… some jobs will force you to ramp up on etiquette quite quickly!

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