How to tie a "Four in Hand" Tie Knot – How to Tie a Tie – Part I

We love ties here at SuitUpp as you can tell from our tie of the month.
So, we figured that we’d show you in a 6 part series how to tie some of the more famous tie knots. We’ll kick things off by showing you how to tie a four in hand knot.

1) Start with the wide end of your tie on the right. Position the wide end so that it is about 1 foot longer than the thin end. Now cross the wide end over the thin end.
2) Now bring the wide end back underneath.
3) One more time now. Twist the wide end over the thin end again.

4) Pass the wide end through the main loop of your tie (from underneath).
5) Now, very carefully, pass the wide end through the knot created by the last two loops that we just created (bring this end down vertically).
6) Some tightening and slide knot up a bit – and we’re done :)

Credits: Images are a courtesy of the guys over at Harry Rosen’s. Thanks dudes :)

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