How to Tie a "Milanese" Tie Knot – How to Tie a Tie – Part II

We love ties here at SuitUpp as you can tell from our tie of the month.
So, we figured that we’d show you in a 6 part series how to tie some of the more famous tie knots. In this post we’ll be showing you how to tie a Milanese tie knot.


1) Cross the wide end over the thin end and hold it in place.

2) Wrap the tie over the center point.

3) Once more time now. Wrap the tie over this center point again.


4) Now take this wide end of the tie and bring it up through the main loop of the tie.

5) Now pass through the wide end through the knot that we created in the previous steps.

6) Pull the wide end to the side a bit so you can tighten it.

7) Now, you can adjust the knot a bit until it looks good and then just bring up the knot to the collar point of your shirt and we’re done!

Credits: Thanks to the Harry Rosen guys for the tie pictures.

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    Nick Sorrentino

    October 19, 2009

    12:48 am

    You guys might like this video. Bow ties then and now.

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