Half Windsor Knot – How to Tie a Tie – Part IV

Since we talked to you about the Windsor Tie Knot last time, we’ll talk to you about a modification of that as well: the Half Windsor Tie Knot! This is how it’s done…

Once you learn this stuff, if you need some new ties to practice on, make sure to check out our Fall 2009 Collection of Ties :)


1) Cross over the thick end of your tie over the thin end.

2) Bring the wide end back underneath the thin end of the tie.

3) Now flip over the wide end through the main loop of the tie such that it ends up behind the thin end.


4) Now move the wide end to the right side.

5) Flip the wide end through the main loop of the tie again (but don’t bring it down yet).

6) Now carefully pull through the wide end through the knot of the tie, and tighten it from there… and you’re done!

Thanks again to the guys from Harry Rosen’s for providing the images for this post!

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