Windsor Tie Knot – How to Tie a Tie Part III

One of the most popular tie knots is the Windsor Tie Knot and so we’re dedicating this blog post to talk about how it’s done :) Oh… and afterwards, you should really check out our tie of the month :)

windsor tie knot

1) As with most tie knots, just grab the wide end and cross it over the thin end.

2) Take the wide end and flip it through the wide end once and then bring it down.

3) Grab the wide end and bring it right behind the thin end to the right and hold it up.


4) Now take the wide end and flip it through the loop and then cross it to the right side again (this time in front of the thin end).

5) Pass the wide end through the main loop of the necktie again.

6) Pull the wide end through the fold of the tie, adjust, and slide knot up until perfect.

Thanks again to the guys from Harry Rosen’s for providing the images for this post!

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