Interpreting the Invitation Card, What to Wear? – Suits, Ties, Cufflinks, etc…


Occasionally, we get an invitation card in the mail requesting our presence at a formal networking event, a dinner, or even a wedding… When we do, it’s always a struggle to determine exactly what to wear. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just told you explicitly what to wear? Not necessarily… If you think about it, this ability to interpret the invitation card is what separates the truly fashionable from everyone else. After all, we are the SuitUpp guys… we should be able to tell from how to dress. We were having this discussion with the crew this past week and we decided that it would be nice to give our readers a guideline to use so that you too could call yourself a SuitUpp guy… or should we say SuitUpp Gentleman? :)

Black Tie: Most people know that when you read these words on the invitation card, it means that you’re going to pull the tux out of the closet or head to the rental store. While it is true that some people still don’t wear a tux when they see these magical words, hopefully, our readers aren’t in that category. After all, we all love the opportunity to show off the tux don’t we?

Black Tie Optional: This basically means that you should really wear a tux but a dark suit will also do. French-cuffed shirts are recommended.

Semi Formal: This means grab your dark suit. If you are looking for an example of a suit that would fall into this category, check out this Sean John Charcoal 3 Piece Suit. A three piece suit generally adds another level of formality to what you are wearing.

Smart Casual /Elegant Casual: Restaurants will typically use this terminology. The point is to give guests some freedom as to what to wear. We recommend wearing a jacket and no tie. A nice dress shirt or even a polo shirt will go with your outfit – no jeans though.

Business Attire: Suit, Dress Shirt, and Tie – no ambiguity here.

Summer Events: White dinner jackets or a Pale Linen Suit is a good idea.

Other Tips:
1) When in doubt wear dark.
2) If possible, call your host and ask what they mean in the invitation if you are not clear – don’t be shy.
3) Never appear disheveled. Shave, Shower, and Comb – Put on a Smile and tout a firm handshake.


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    January 22, 2010

    10:48 am

    Cuff links will go well with your business attire, if you are thinking of wearing a suit then put on a cuff link that would match your suit as well as the shirt you wear. It gives you that classy look.

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    Gold Bangles

    February 6, 2010

    7:28 am

    I think there are cuff links for any occasion and for specific attires. From a formal theme, informal or just casual wear they are the best. Matching choice is however very important. Elegance is what makes cuff links. Choose wisely though.

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