What Shoes to Wear at a Beach Wedding in Mexico – Wedding Attire.

One of our readers recently emailed us asking: “My son plans on wearing a white cotton poplin suit 2 button suit for his beach wedding in Mexico.  While the wedding itself is on the sand and he will be barefoot, the reception will be held at a villa on a hill and will include a seated dinner and dancing.  What shoes would you suggest?  Must they be lace up dress shoes or are any type of loafer/slip on ok?”

First of all, let us start off by saying… fun, fun, fun! :) Wish we were there! To answer this question simply, as the occasion is formal, lace up shoes are preferable (they always are in formal settings – especially since the reception is indoors).  We recently wrote a blog post about what shoes to wear for different occasions that touched on this:

For more formal occasions, go for lace-up shoes rather than slip ons. Closed laced shoes are also preferred over open laced shoes.If you’re wondering what the difference is, closed laces are what you call shoes that have a V shape where they get tied together. Open lace shoes have more of a parallel shape where they are tied together.

Remember that when you are wearing dressy shoes, the laces should be tied horizontally as opposed to the criss-cross pattern most commonly associated with athletic shoes.”

Hope this helps! :)

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