Matching Your Belt and Shoes. How Closely do they have to Match?

Take a look at all of the photoshoots that we’ve done here at SuitUpp… You’ll notice that in all pictures, we’ve made sure that our models’ belts and shoes match. If they didn’t, it would practically be blasphemy. For women, it’s the purse and shoes that need to match… and for men, of course, it’s the belt and shoes:

Now, the question is, how closely do these two items of clothing need to match anyway? The truth is that they do not need to be an exact match. When we say they should match, what we mean is that you shouldn’t wear brown with black or you shouldn’t wear white with brown – i.e. they shouldn’t be obviously mismatched. As a matter of fact, you could even wear brown and black together – assuming that both items of clothing were dark enough to be mostly indistinguishable. So, there you have it… you don’t need to obsess about extreme matches. This should give you some flexibility as to what things you can throw together to portray an interesting look :)