How Much Does it Cost to Tailor My Shirt, Suit, and Pants?

Once you’ve experienced tailored clothing, it’s hard to go back to clothing that doesn’t fit perfectly. So the question is, once you’ve picked up a suit from SuitUpp, how much do you have to spend in order to get it tailored?

While these costs will always vary from tailor to tailor, you can expect to pay between 10-20% of the suit cost. For example, if your suit cost $500, then you can expect to pay between $50-$75 – for the jacket and pant combination. Shirts will usually cost between $10-$20 to tailor. Now, percentages aren’t a good way of measuring cost. For example, if your suit cost $5,000 dollars, paying $750 for tailoring doesn’t seem reasonable – of course, suits in that price range will usually be pre-tailored so you don’t have to worry about tailoring them after purchase :)

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    Lisa Richards Hone

    November 2, 2010

    9:43 am

    For many men, it may make more sense to order custom shirts than to purchase ready-made shirts and have them tailored. No tailor can correct a shirt that is too big in the shoulders or collar. For example custom shirts are now available for around $79 — so it no longer makes sense to buy a ready-made shirt for the same price and then spend $20 to have someone make it kinda-sorta fit.

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