Wearing a Panama Hat in the Sun – Wearing a Hat if You’re Bald

While we haven’t had any of our models at SuitUpp wear hats during suit photoshoots in the outdoors, this doesn’t mean that wearing hats are not stylish. We did a comprehensive series of posts on hats a while back:

I    ) Hat Nomenclature – Different Parts of Hats
II  ) Different Types of Hats
III) What type of Hat Should You Wear?

The reality, though, is that while we’ve spoken about hats only in terms of style up until this point, hats were in fact invented for functional purposes :) In other words, if it’s sunny outside, you may want to put on a hat. Now, if you’re going for a casual look, a baseball cap is a common choice and you can take cue from Matt Damon:

If you’re wearing a suit and you want to put on a hat to shade yourself from the Sun, the Teddy Roosevelt Look is a crowd-pleaser.

Wearing a hat to shade yourself from the sun is completely ok. If you boast a shaved head, and want to prevent “over-heating”, this might be another reason why you may want to put on a hat. And btw, no, putting on a hat will NOT make you go bald faster – that’s a myth.

In case you’re wondering, Mr. Roosevelt is indeed a Panama Lover: