How to Match the odd Pinstripe Jacket with Pants? Should the Pants Have Stripes?

Recently, one of our readers asked the following: “Ok, so if I already have a nice, pin stripe jacket and want to match pin stripe slacks with it, do the stripes need to be both the same width and the same width apart?”

This is a great question, and before we answer it, we’ll refer you to our post on How to Match a Pinstriped Jacket with Other Pinstriped Clothing.

Take a look at the following perfectly matched 3 piece pinstriped suit from Sean John:


As you can see, the pinstripes on this suit are perfectly matched since the 3 pieces come together with the purchase of this suit. It would be very difficult to try and match the pinstripes of your jacket as well as done in the suit above by finding another pair of pants. We highly discourage doing this since the combination would look more than mismatched and even disheveled. Instead, what we do recommend is that you find solid colored pants or even jeans (if the occasion is not formal). This will ensure that it doesn’t look like you did a poor job at the match and the combination would still look ok (this works best if you have a pinstriped blazer). If you had to wear pinstriped pants, we would recommend wearing faint pinstripes.

The picture shown above would still be somewhat difficult to match. If the pinstripes on your jacket weren’t as visible, the job would be easier. Take fore example the following Pinstripe Horst Dusseldorf suit: