Single Breasted vs Double Breasted Tuxedos

This week at SuitUpp, we’ve written about the Fabrics used in Tuxedos, and Tuxedo Maintenance Tips. We’ll wrap the week up by talking about single and double breasted tuxedos.


Single Breasted Tuxedo

A single breasted tuxedo (as shown above), just like a suit, will have the suit buttoned-up right in the front. This type of tuxedo is usually worn unbuttoned (which means that it will look less bulky – good for men with a larger frame). If you are going to wear your tuxedo unbuttoned, you should try to wear a vest underneath. The nice thing about the single breasted tuxedo is that it can also be worn buttoned up (depending on your own taste).


Double Breasted Tuxedo

A double breasted tuxedo will have a flap come over so that it is buttoned on the right side ( remember the picture’s left is your right – you probably knew this, but just in case).

This type of tux will make you look like you have a bigger frame and so it is a great choice for men with smaller frames. If you are wearing a double breasted tux, make sure to button up (this is mandatory).

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