Number of buttons on your suit Jacket – Part II

We’ve previously written about the number of buttons in your jacket here at SuitUpp. Last time around, we talked mainly about 1, 2, and 3 button suits. In this post, we’ll talk about 3+ button suit jackets.


Since you would normally wear a 1-3 button suit, when would you wear a 3+ button suit?

Typically, 3+ button jackets are worn by taller gentleman who want to portray a more modern style. More buttons is going to mean a smaller lapel. This type of jacket is also recommended for those with a thin build. If you have a bit of a belly or a larger chest (i.e. you can bench 225 lbs),  then this type of suit will likely not fit your body type… while there may be exceptions, this is usually the case.

As with the 2 & 3 button suit, 3+ button suits will still require you to leave the bottom-most button open. Finally, when sitting down, make sure to unbutton all the buttons on your jacket. On a 4 button jacket, this will obviously be more work :)

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