What Kind of Tuxedo Should I Wear According to my Body Type?


Depending on your body type, you may choose to wear a different type of tuxedo in order to make you look your finest. In this post, we’ll discuss some body types and what kind of tuxedos would match them.

Short and Strong

Shorter men should always go with a tuxedo that has less buttons… 2 to 3 buttons at the most.  Notch or shawl lapels will also help you look taller and as a result look slimmer. Avoid the double-breasted jacket as this will only make you look bulky.

Short and Slender

As mentioned previously, 2-3 buttons look best on shorter men. If you have a slender fit, you can go with peak or notch lapels. The peaked lapels will make your frame look bigger. A double breasted tuxedo will also add to your frame size but only wear one if you also like the way it looks – they’re not necessarily a “modern” phenomenon.

Tall and Strong

Taller men can go for the 3+ button jacket as it has a modern look and feel to it and looks better on taller men. If you have an athletic fit or maybe a slight belly, then avoid the double breasted tux as this will only make you look bulky.

Tall and Slender

All choices work for this category. Go for what looks best on you. We like 3+ button single breasted tuxes since they have a modern look/feel if you were wondering :)

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