Wearing Your Belt Buckle to the Side – Should You do it?

We were recently asked if it was a good idea for one to wear their belt buckle to the side. It seems that an increasing number of people are doing this. Does this mean that it’s a new trend or are these people just crazy?

The most important point to take into account is why do people do this, or rather, why did people start wearing their belts in this manner? It is said that Elvis used to wear his belt buckle in this format – sometimes… although, we weren’t able to find a picture of this…


There are two categories of people who wear their belt buckles to the side for practical reasons. Guitar players do this sometimes so that their guitars aren’t scratched by their belt buckles.

Some people also do wear their belt buckle to the side when their belt is a little too big for their waist. A properly fitting belt will have the belt buckle in the middle and have the rest of the slack from the belt passing through the first belt-holding-strap on your pants (as shown in the figure below). If your belt was too long, then it would pass the first strap on your pants but would not make it to the second one (just imagine a belt that was longer than then one shown in the picture below). This would leave one end of the belt hanging in the air. When this happens, you can do one of three things:


1) Wear your belt buckle to the side

2) Tape or otherwise hold the loose end of your belt to your waist so it isn’t hanging.

3) Get a belt that fits

Ok, so we can see that there are practical reasons as to why you should wear your belt in this manner. The question is, is it fashionable? Well, the truth is that we haven’t seen this in the fashion scene as much. We haven’t seen celebrities do this or designers sending out their models onto the runway with this style (at least not for men). While this may be a coming trend, it is not there yet.


  1. 1

    steven wawrzonek

    November 4, 2011

    1:03 pm

    Elvis wore his belt buckle to the side in the movie “King Creole”

  2. 2


    March 18, 2012

    8:14 pm

    Here is a good black and white photo of a young elvis outside the CBS studios and you can see clearly he has his belt fastened on his left hip instead of centered. I am wear mine on the right instead.


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