Wearing a Tuxedo to a Wedding – Should you Wear a Tux?

Wedding season is in session and so you’ll begin to see more blog posts on the topic and maybe even some relevant merchandise on SuitUpp.com.

In most weddings, the best man and the groomsmen will usually wear a tux. The brides maids and the maid of honor will usually wear dresses that match each other and so it is important for their male counterparts to do the same. Besides the groomsmen though, the usher will usually wear a tuxedo as well. Ushers are usually the first to be seen and so it is important for them to dress well. While it is recommended for the ringbearer to wear a tux, it is not required.

The father of the bride and the father of the groom are not required to wear a tux. However, if one of them does wear a tux, then it is important for both of them to wear one in order to match and give order to the ceremony. Other guests usually don’t wear a tux but there might be occasions where this would be acceptable.

Generally speaking, while the groom will wear a tuxedo, his tux will have to help him stand out from the rest so that the wedding attendees can easily distinguish him from the rest even from far away. A white jacket and vest will typically do but a black tux with a tail can also work.

Usually, everyone will rent their own tux but, sometimes, one of the grooms friends may vouch to pay the rental fees for a number of the other male guests – this could be the designated gift to the newlyweds – fun fact: it costs roughly 3 times as much to buy a tux vs renting one.

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