Can men wear pink?


Historically speaking, there was a time when it used to be quite common for men to wear pink (an offshoot of red) and for women to wear the more conservative blue color (think Catholic School Uniforms). Perhaps this was because men were allowed to be more adventurous in those times as compared to women. Pink is very much an eye-catching color and so as women became more empowered, their clothing also became more daring. Eventually, pink transitioned into a state of such popularity with women that the general public began to classify it as feminine.

All of us know some male friend who puts on a pink shirt or even a pink tie. It’s not just that odd guy, though. Here’s Brad Pitt touting a pink shirt:


And here is a picture of Regis Philbin doing the same:


Like most wardrobe combinations, when you venture off into adventurous territory, you must be accompanied by a strong sense of confidence. If you’re trying to pull of this look but are self conscious about it at the same time, people will notice and you won’t leave a good impression – you’ll just seem week. If you can put on a big confident smile while you’re in pink, then you’ll definitely draw positive attention. Because pink is such a vibrant / energy-rich color, you will draw attention to yourself and this will magnify whatever inner feeling you have about your own attire. As long as you’re ready for the incoming glances from your surrounding fellows, then you’re ready to be a true fashionista in pink.

One last note though… if you are going to be wearing pink, be sure not to overdo it – one article of pink usually does the job.


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