Socks and Sandals? Can you wear both together? You’d be surprised.

Recently, one of our readers asked us the question: “Can I wear socks and sandals together?

If you look up the term socks and sandals on Urban Dictionary, you’ll find the following definition:

“A footwear combination worn only by the fashion-challenged.
If it’s hot enough for sandals, it’s too hot to wear socks.”

With that said, some men’s designers such as Miuccia Prada, Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent and Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga have been touting the look in their spring menswear collections.

It’s not just the men’s designers that are going for this though… check out the following picture of David Beckham:


Or how about the following photo of Jake Gyllenhaal:


Clearly, something must be up. As Urban dictionary puts it, the general populous does not seem to agree that these two articles of clothing should be put together in any combination. The look tends to remind one of the nerdy high school teacher on a picnic. With that said, it can’t be all that bad if our Hollywood Stars dare to pose in this manner.

From a practical standpoint, there are a few occasions where this look might make sense… imagine if it is, in fact, really hot outside but the indoor location that you step into happens to be very well air-conditioned to the point that it really is cold (imagine spending a summer day in a Starbucks typing away on your laptop ).

As another example, imagine you’re attending an indoor event that you travel to with shoes where the host offers you sandals to wear rather than your outdoor shoes.

Both of the aforementioned situations are a bit of a stretch – but, we’re really trying here :) Perhaps people really want to hold onto their socks because it makes them feel secure? No matter what though, sandals do give your feet more breathing room and socks do give you a bit more warmth and even shelter your feet from dust and dirt…

Practicality aside, the S&S look is definitely rebellious and goes against intuition. There’s nothing like pinning non-formal phenomena with that of accepted tradition to make a statement.

To be very honest, this is probably one of the most difficult looks out there to pull off. It’s definitely a more European concept (maybe even a bit touristy) than a North American one.

To conclude, though, if you’re the type of guy that is known to make fashion statements and have the confidence to pull it off, then by all means, please do. If you’re not known to push the limits with your wardrobe, don’t attempt this as to the outside world, it’ll just seem that you don’t know how to dress – but then again, who cares what people think? Fashion is about you.


Jake Gyllenhaal Photo:

David Beckham Photo:



  1. 1

    Kristen M

    June 14, 2010

    10:55 am

    I personally like the socks and sandals look. You definitely see many college aged boys sporting it around all year long. It gives off that athletic vibe that they may be traveling to practice or will need to throw on sneakers for a pick up game of basketball.

  2. 2


    June 25, 2012

    9:00 am

    Confusion may ensue from some who think it’s BAD to wear socks with sandals. A: Depends what you’re doing outside. B: Fashion do’s and don’t are OFTEN set by the minority. I’m not a fashion guru, but on more than a few occasions people have pointed out my oddities from societal norms, but different than the standard you wear this. Creative, think outside the box people set the fashion trends. W/e a dozen creative designers do on the fashion runways gets distributed to the Wal-Marts that all the robots wear. Wanna know what popular fashion is to the few who don’t follow like a robot? It’s w/e you feel comfortable and look good in. Some ppl should stay away from socks and sandals most of the time because their feet are destroyed by playing soccer… nasty nails, lol. Popular personalities like BECK’S will wear w/e the hell they want and the robots will follow suit… Suddenly it’s okay to wear socks with sandals!!!! OMG. Most of the public doesn’t know how to think for themselves… the few, the minority, the creative ones or the ones that don’t give a rip about public opinion will continue to set fashion trends for the robots. The one tip for all… wear w/e the hell you want to! And for some who have sensitive/itchy feet… socks can be very helpful… Especially if you’re say going for a long hike up hills, jogging at times, etc with your dog. Sandals if you’re sweating can become worse than chaffing in the genital region, lol.

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