Should you wear a Speedo? Speedo considerations for men…


It’s beach season again and the age-old debate about whether men should wear speedos begins once more. This being a World Cup summer, the debate has somehow intensified. All the women’s magazines are posting pictures of our favorite soccer stars and in some cases in very low-cut shorts. Why soccer would encourage men to wear speedos, we don’t know… but what we do know is women’s interests have peaked for this clothing phenomenon.

With that said, what are the pros and cons of a Speedo? When should you wear one – if at all that is…

Truth be told, culture plays a big role in the debate. If you’re in the South or on a Mediterranean beach, a speedo is not a bad idea – it’s culturally accepted and a lot of men boast the look. In North America, you’ll definitely turn some heads. Most men will avoid the look in the US and Canada… this is not to say that they’re any less confident than their South American counter-parts, but rather that they feel that it is a social stigma. It’s more of a fear of “what will my guy friends think?” and “is this the type of look I should be going for in a place where there are children?” Somewhat comical? Yes, indeed… but true nonetheless.

Culture aside, are there any benefits to the speedo? Well, yes…. it is great for speed and more flexible in the water as compared to baggy shorts. Speedos do also dry faster due to their sparse nature and also due to the type of fabric that is usually used for their construction.

Downsides? Well… for one thing, it is quite revealing… if you’ve been working on that beer belly year-long, it’s probably best that you avoid the speedo… If you’ve got a six-pack to show and maybe you want to get a better tan, the look may work.

With all of this said, it still comes down to culture. If you’re in North America, we would recommend mid-thigh length trunks – nothing too crazy in color and with minimal writing and graphics preferably. In most articles, we conclude by saying that if it resonates with you, you should do it since that is what fashion’s all about… In the case of a speedo, more considerations are needed.

Happy Beach Season!


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    July 30, 2010

    1:47 pm

    I really wish guys could be more comfortable wearing speedo type swimwear. I think the social stigma around this topic is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as guys wearing “board shorts” which is no different than wearing a pair of pants in the water. Speedos are a very acceptable choice in swimwear for men and should not have so many “considerations”. I can go to the beach and point to more women who should not be wearing what their wearing because of body imperfections, yet they wear swimwear that is just as revealing.

  2. 2


    January 15, 2012

    6:32 am

    i am a boy, i do wear speedos to my local pool and beaches. i only weigh like 130 lbs, am slim and a bit in shape. i haven’t had any negative comments yet.

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    speedo judge

    April 18, 2012

    10:16 pm

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