What is a Detachable Collar? Should you wear one?


A detachable collar, as the name suggests, is a separate collar from the shirt that can be fastened on with the use of studs. This type of collar is usually made of different material and is usually white in collar. The material the collar is made of is usually stiff and has also been given a good “starching.” This type of collar will of course need a special type of shirt. While the detachable collar is not so commonplace anymore, it is used by some in certain settings including formal dinners at times.

The detachable collar is said to have been invented by Hannah Lord Montague in Troy, New York – 1827. It is said that she was trying to iron her husband’s collar to perfection and so she cut it off, starched & ironed it and then sewed it back on. The concept was then commercialized by Rev. Ebenezar Brown and played a big role in advancing the manufacture of clothing in Troy.

Today, the collar is not very commonplace. It is sometimes used by barristers in the UK and Canada and sometimes at very formal occasions. With the advent of commonplace starching, this article of clothing has lost its popularity.

Here is an example of studs used with this type of collar:


If you’ve worn a detachable collar to an event, do send us a pic and we’ll post it!


  1. 1

    john westra

    March 18, 2011

    12:12 pm

    are there any regular detachable spread collars?

  2. 2

    jack ingram

    March 23, 2011

    10:53 pm

    I’m a REALLY old guy, and I remember wearing detachable-collar shirts when I was young, before the laundry business went to hell! The best thing about those shirts was that the collars were starched and pressed in a smooth curve that really fit the neck–i.e. the outer curve of the collar was slightly bigger than the inner curve–no uncomfortable rumpling when you fastened it. Those earlier laundries would even make the neckbands of the shirt stiffer than the body of the shirt, and they, too, were pressed into a comfortable, smooth curve that fit the neck. I really miss them!

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