Travel Checklist for Men, Travelling Essentials &Things to Pack.


Business trips, yet another occasion to dress well! There are so many different aspects to talk about but in this post, we’ll be looking at what you need to pack when traveling for a short business trip – we’ll run through a short list that we’ve put together and if there’s anything that we’ve missed, please do chime in through the blog comments and let us know!


Pack a suit if you are going to have a formal meeting or a blazer if you’ll be attending an informal event. We suggest going with navy /black because you generally want to pack light and the suggested color will work for most occasions. You can always use your suit blazer with another pair of trousers or even jeans to mix and match on another day or occasion.


Depending on the length of your trip, you may want to pack one or two dress shirts. We recommend a white shirt and any other color or patterned shirt. A white shirt will go with almost anything; suit, pair of jeans, etc. It’s a good essential when traveling because you can dress it up or down. A second shirt may be useful to give you a different look. In most cases, you want to either change the shirt and tie or just the shirt to give you a different look.


A pair of black shoes can go a long way. You can wear them with a suit and depending on the style with a pair of jeans. Slip-on shoes are a good idea and if you’re going to be boarding a plane, taking them off for a security check will be faster as well (anyone behind you in line will also appreciate this). Look for leather shoes; they maintain a dressier look that can be polished before your next meeting. We recommend that you carry an extra pair of shoes if you have space; something comfortable that you can wear with jeans or other less informal wear.

Jeans, Pants or Trousers

A pair of pants and/or jeans would be useful during your trip. A pair of dark jeans usually is a good choice but at the end it’s up to you as long as it matches with the other items you have.  Jeans should be straight-leg or boot-cut and fit just right – no holes or fancy pockets.  A white shirt with jeans with or without a blazer will always look sharp for an informal occasion.

An extra pair of pants is also a good idea to mix and match with your suit blazer (a pair of grey slacks would work well with a navy or black blazer). Remember, wool is naturally wrinkle-resistant so wool pants may work better than other fabrics unless the other fabrics are wrinkle resistant.


These are some additional things you may need when traveling for business: a couple of ties, belt(s), watch, sunglasses, cufflinks if wearing cuff shirts, ball pen, etc.

Things not to forget

Razor, shaving cream, tooth brush, tooth paste, cotton swaps, contact lens and solution if you wear them, deodorant, cologne, face cream,  media player, ear phones, neck rest for those long trips, mini carry on sewing kits (you’d be surprised when you may need this) and whatever else you think you will need based on the length of your trip. If you forget, do not panic; ask the hotel or drop by a convenience store at or near your hotel J

You’re ready to go!


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    Men's Fashion Tips

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    It’s really important to stress these travel essentials for men – among the fashion tips that should not be overlooked. You’ve got to dress to impress wherever you go.

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