How to Hand Wash Your Wool Clothing – Sweaters, Scarves and More…


Well, it’s getting noticeably cold outside which means the winter gear is starting to fly off the shelves in preparation for keeping us warm. If you just bought that nice wool sweater and have worn it a few times already, it’s probably time for a wash – so, what do you do? The easy answer is just send it to the dry cleaners – and if this was a suit, that’s what you should do… but, in the case of a sweater, it’s worth while just to wash it at home. It’s not too hard to do and you can save a buck or two over a lifetime of washing your own sweaters as opposed to having them professionally washed. Here is step by step procedure that you can follow to hand wash your woolen clothes:

1) Grab a large enough basin and put enough cold water in it so that your clothes can be fully soaked by the water and can swirl around comfortably- but don’t put in your clothes yet! That happens in step 3…

2) Put a small amount of mild detergent in the basin and mix so that that it is fully dissolved… One table spoon of detergent is usually good enough for 1 article of clothing the size of your every day sweater.

3) Now soak your woolen item into the basin of cold water mixed with detergent and swirl it around for 3-5 minutes.

4) Take out your sweater and rinse it with cold water until you can get all of the detergent out – be careful not to stretch your sweater while doing this.

5) Put your sweater on a towel and let it dry for at least 12 hours – actual drying time varies based on material used in sweater, size of sweater, thickness, … You should never squeeze your sweater or twist and squeeze in order to get the water out – this will distort the form of the sweater.

And that’s how you Hand Wash Your Woolen Sweater! :)

P.S. Most of you probably already know this… but… why hand wash when you can just machine wash? Mainly because machine washing unwanted results may include: shrinkage or stretching, discoloration and more of those annoying fuzz balls that form on the fabric – so… generally speaking, good idea to avoid this :)

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    November 27, 2011

    2:30 am

    interesting article as I am one of the few who didn’t know how to do this. and a trick for thos fuzz balls on your clothing: Just take a single razor blade and go carefully over the fabric. you will just ‘shave ‘em balls off’ ;)

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