What type of a belt and buckle should I wear with my suit?

When it comes to suits, nothing can be left up to chance. Be it the shoes, the tie and even the cufflinks, everything must be chosen with precise care in order to ensure the utmost class of the wearer. To add to that list of essentials, there is also the classic duo of the belt and buckle. Despite the timelessness of this quintessential accessory, many are still baffled by the subtlety of its elegance.

When it comes to which type of belt best fits a suit, my advice is certainly to stick with the understated gem that is the classic slim black belt. Considering the formality of a suit, I would suggest steering clear of gaudy embellishments seeing as they are not the ideal way of accessorizing. The major benefit of a black belt is that it naturally complements a suit of any colour. From elegant black to modern grey and even adventurous pinstripes, a black belt does nothing more but add to the sublime nature of a well-tailored suit.

On top of the classic tonal neutrality of a slim black belt, another benefit is its width. By being slender, the belt acts as a natural complement to the suit, instead of being the focus of the entire outfit. One thing that I love about a slim black belt is that it takes nothing away from the tailoring of a suit, but instead accentuates the impression of a lean figure by effectively cinching the waist in a virtually imperceptible manner.

On the subject of the belt buckle, I would suggest accessorizing with a simple square-framed buckle with a single prong. By being a classic, this element of the belt adds a much-appreciated touch of refinement to the suit. Also, the conventional size of the buckle makes it an extremely versatile piece that can fit any figure. Without being too big nor too small, the classic square-shaped belt buckle complements men of all shapes and sizes. One important quirk of the belt buckle to remember is that it must be chosen proportionately to your size!

Still on the topic of belt buckles, I would also recommend complementing a suit with a subdued chrome-coloured buckle that retains the versatile benefits of its tonal neutrality, while brightening any look through its soft sheen. It exudes a certain air of natural sophistication that certainly deserves to be shown.

If ever a classic slim black belt is too conventional for you, I would then suggest experimenting with different colours. However, if this route seems more appealing to you, one thing must be pointed out: the belt and buckle are supposed to simply acts as accessories that complement the suit, and not the center of attention for the entire look. Accordingly, it would be wiser to experiment with neutral tones like grey, navy, and both light and dark brown because they can add an innovative and modern edge to any suit.

Though there are a plethora of belts that come in a wide range of sizes, colours and buckle shapes, for the sake of professionalism, a classic hue, slim shape and elegantly understated belt-buckle that exhibited time-tested confidence are, together, definitely the key to success.

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