Thin lapels on your suit jacket. Are they a trend & How to wear them?

Thin Lapels for Suit Jacket

Again on the subject of suits and the many carefully chosen elements that compose a chic ensemble, the lapels that adorn a blazer have recently been thrust into the fashion limelight with the emergence of a new style: thin lapels. By being a purely stylistic addition to the blazer, the lapels offer the wearer a greater amount of sartorial innovation and creativity in choosing the right style to create the desired look. As trivial as its definition of being the “collar” of a suit jacket may be, lapels do play an important role in ensuring the elegance of a suit.

When it comes to thin lapels, they essentially symbolize youth and modernity by representing a novel alternative to the timelessness of the classic lapel. Accordingly, the great thing about thin lapels is that they are the perfect complement to the slim-fit suits that have rapidly become omnipresent in menswear. The combination of a thin lapel and a snuggly-tailored suit creates the much-appreciated effect of a more slender profile due to the modern and sleek nature of the duo. This streamlined quality enables the suit to be a more versatile piece that commands attention on its own, while also offering the possibility for subtle accessorizing.

On the subject of accessorizing, in my opinion, a sublime way of accessorizing a thin-lapel suit would be through the incorporation of a shirt that features a club-collar (please see picture of David Beckham below courtesy of ( For those who may be perplexed by that term, a club-collar is simply a classic shirt collar that, instead of ending in a rather abruptly triangular pointy edge, is graced by a softer round collar that almost mimics the elegant curves of the tie knot. Though an undeniably dashing vestige of the past, the club-collar is making its own reappearance in current menswear by responding to fashion’s retrospective penchant for vintage sartorial elements from past styles.

Club Collar Shirt - David Beckham

The main benefit in the pairing of a thin lapel suit jacket with a club-collar is the air of youthfulness it affords the wearer. By being a clear yet understated fashion statement, this accessorizing exudes a chic aura of effortless class that both young and old alike will certainly envy.

Another manner of accessorizing a thin-lapel suit jacket is by complementing it with pieces that conserve the sleek finish of the modern lapel. Accordingly, I would suggest classic black dress shoes that eschew excessively garish pointiness, while instead embracing a more natural toe-end that curves in a harmoniously streamlined fashion. Add to that a timeless slim black belt with a simple square-framed belt buckle (like the one described in the last post), and you’ve got yourself an outfit that truly shines in its effortless elegance.

As an emerging that trend that truly deserves the recent attention it has been getting, the thin lapel is a great alternative to the classic lapel on a suit jacket seeing as it acts as a breath of stylistic fresh air to the timelessness of menswear. It’s sleek and it’s modern. What more could you ask for?

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