What is a blazer? When should I wear a blazer? What accessories to wear with a blazer?


As a classic everyday piece in menswear, the definition of a blazer is often forgotten in the sea of jackets that compose today’s fashion. Surprisingly, the blazer is nothing more than a suit coat cut in a more casual manner that makes it a more versatile piece. Accordingly, a blazer is usually adorned by simplistic details like lapels that range from thin to wide, and also a single row of two or three buttons that give the wearer the opportunity to decide on the level of formality of the blazer. Other features that characterize a blazer are the pockets that usually adorn each side of the blazer, and the singular pocket that acts as a functional addition on the left breast of the blazer.


Another defining element to a blazer is certainly the relaxed fit that differentiates it from its more uptight cousin, the suit jacket. That more casual tailoring is essentially characterized by a much-appreciated lack of shoulder pads that consequently creates a more contour-hugging fit that highlights the natural shape of the wearer. That deconstructed element is truly what renders the blazer such a versatile piece seeing as it can easily be thrown on without having to worry about the fit.


Accordingly, a blazer can be worn during a wide array of occasions seeing as its semi-formal nature always makes it an appropriate piece to refine any outfit. Be it a work-related dinner, a friendly night out or even a romantic date, the blazer is definitely the most ideal layering piece when it comes to adding a certain je ne sais quoi to a look that seems to be lacking one thing or another.


When it comes to the accessories one should wear with a blazer, I would honestly say that pretty much anything, from a tie to a straw hat, can be worn with a blazer because of how casual it is. A great accessory that adds an undeniable style element to a blazer is a scarf, a piece that is as versatile as the blazer. With that said, I would suggest tying the scarf in either a simple loose loop around the neck, or a more chic European loop.


On the subject of pairing a blazer with other garments, my favorite would certainly be the classic white button-up tucked into a pair of slim-fitting jeans and topped by a blazer in a neutral like black or even grey. To ensure the casual nature of the look, I would suggest leaving the shirt unbuttoned at the top in order to afford the wearer a bit more freedom in his movements. Accordingly, the button-up could easily be substituted by a polo shirt for weekend occasions that are even more laid-back and relaxed. To dress up either look, a simple cardigan would suffice.


Other options for blazer pairings are with striped or plaid button-ups that add a more playful and intriguing element to the outfit. Additionally, a timeless V-neck sweater in a luxurious material like cashmere or wool would contribute to the refinement and practicality of the blazer especially during the colder months. Another great piece would be an exquisite shawl-collared sweater with a subtly that’s appropriate for both young and old.


Despite its casual nature, the blazer is certainly one of the most versatile pieces in menswear seeing as it can be worn with so many different pieces and in so many distinct variations. Its versatility makes it the most appropriate garment for virtually any occasion where an elegant yet casual attitude is key!

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