What do I need to do if I need a replacement pair of pants for my suit jacket?

When it comes to suits, perfection resides in the coordination between the suit jacket and the pants. Though two completely distinct garments, both pieces complete each other in a manner unique to their utmost function as formal attire. Thankfully, if ever the misfortune of needing a replacement pair of pants befalls upon you, there are still a number of alternative steps that can be taken in order to repair the woe that is a damaged pair of pants.

The first option one can take to replace the pair of pants to a suit jacket is to simply go out and look for a new pair of pants that are as similar as possible to the ones that need to be replaced. As trivial as it may sound, this alternative can save one a lot of time wasted “crying over spilt milk”. By simply being open to a moderate amount of change, this option can also turn out to be more fruitful in the sense that it provides one with the opportunity to reinvigorate the suit by choosing a new pair of pants that feature a more tailored and contemporary fit.

However, when going shopping for a new pair of pants to complement the suit jacket, I would strongly suggest first deciding what the main objective of the “hunt” is: replacing the old pants with something similar or choosing a pair of pants that let you try something new. If the former is the chosen path, naturally I would recommend choosing a pair of pants made with a comparable material in a similar colour to the previous pair. This way, you will be assured the change is discrete especially if it’s your favorite suit. If the second of the two routes is chosen, you will be afforded a lot more sartorial liberty in choosing a new pair of pants that complement the suit jacket in a manner that doesn’t necessitate it being the exact replica of the old pair. Accordingly, you can always play with the colour of the pants by either sticking with the timeless neutrals (black, dark and light grey, etc.) for darker suits, or trying earthier tones like chocolate and beige for lighter suit blazers.

The alternative to buying a new pair of replacement paints for a suit is a long-overdue and underrated visit to a tailor. Depending on the case, this option can either appeal to your “safer” side, or entice your more adventurous facet. The benefit of a tailor is that, if ever the reason you need to replace your pants is because of slight damage to the garment, he can easily repair it and literally make the old pants look like “brand new”. Or, you could always get the tailor to construct a made to measure pair of pants, uniquely for you. This last option is certainly reminiscent of the elite Saville Row lifestyle in England where suits are discernibly bespoke and incomparably elegant. Either way, though regrettably often forgotten, the tailor is a classic alternative that can only result in a sublime pair of pants that truly fit like no other.

Now that you know that a damaged pair of pants does not spell the end to a suit considering the many different options that are available to you, it truly is your call on just how ready you are to commit to dashing change that can only be for the better!

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