When to wear cufflinks? Should I wear them to my interview?


As one of the sole examples of jewelry for men, cufflinks have the unique ability of adding a subtle touch of suave elegance to any ensemble, be it a formal tuxedo or a functional business suit. Despite the ironically understated size of this classic accessory, cufflinks are timeless pieces that truly have a great impact on an outfit by exuding an undeniable air of refinement and class that can never go unnoticed.

For cufflinks to have the desired effect of  truly rendering an outfit dashing while improving the allure of the wearer, they must only be paired with shirts that feature French cuffs. In case the term “French cuff” doesn’t immediately ring a bell, a concise definition of a French cuff is a cuff that, by being longer than normal cuffs, must be folded over to create a double-cuff. Additionally, because of the lack of buttons that characterizes this double-cuff, cufflinks are the sole accessory that can, as their name indicates, link the cuffs together.

By pairing a cufflink with a French cuff that is naturally barren of any added embellishments, the chaste nature of the French cuff will allow the cufflink to truly shine as the sole adornment. This characteristic is most evident when cufflinks are used with white tuxedo dress-shirts. As the only colourful element in a tuxedo, the cufflink adds a colourfully chic air of joie de vivre, while still retaining the traditional formality of the tuxedo. For example, during a wedding, the contrast between the vivid hues of the cufflinks and the austere white of both the dress-shirt and the French cuff instantly directs the attention to the cufflinks, especially when colour-coordinated with the bow-tie.

However, despite the original use of cufflinks as an element in black-tie attire, the level of formality of this accessory has greatly widened to the point that it is now normal to see cufflinks being used with classic suits, even jeans. This possibility was notedly permitted by the popularization of French cuffs in day-to-day attire, be it business or casual. By now being an element in menswear fit for a wide array of occasions, the polished air of class that emanates from the cufflinks that fasten French cuffs together can now be appreciated on a more regular basis.

As an accessory that can make any man look more sophisticated and dapper, cufflinks are the ideal accessory to be worn during an interview where one wants to convey an aura of confidence and charm. With that said, for an interview, cufflinks should be chosen and worn in a fashion that reflects the utmost gravity of the event. I would therefore suggest wearing cufflinks made out of high-quality materials like mother-of-pearl, gold and even gemstones. Investing in cufflinks made out of those aforementioned materials permits the wearer to radiate elegance that truly is poised and prim.

However, seeing as that resplendence simply complements the innate prestige of cufflinks, the choice of material isn’t the most crucial decision when it comes to wearing cufflinks during interviews. I would say the most important element to consider is certainly the suitability of the cufflink. From simple oval cufflinks to more angular rectangle cufflinks, the shapes in which cufflinks can be found are greatly varied. In accordance, because the smallest of quirks can determine the success of an interview, choosing a cufflink must be done with due decorum.

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