What type of suit does Obama wear?

Barack Obama

Image courtesy of the White House

As today is the big election day for all American voters across the country, and because last week’s post was dedicated to Mitt Romney’s conservative style, the post for this week is naturally all about Barack Obama and the presidential style of dressing he has perfected over the last four years.

Though the topic of Obama’s style has been discussed thoroughly since 2008 when he was first elected as president of the United States, it remains an important aspect of the president himself seeing as so much of one’s personality can be taken from how they are presented. Consequently, when he originally assumed his leadership position four years ago, Obama adapted his style in a manner that took into consideration the importance of first impressions, especially in a role as nationally and globally paramount as his. According to Politico, Obama “has shed his traditional center-cut suit coats in favor of jackets sporting two side vents, a sleeker look that originated on London’s Savile Row to cater to the riding set.” That more modern and slender look is exactly what the president needed to convey the image of modern confidence necessary for the leader of a nation in our day and age.

Furthermore, in accordance with his political stature, Barack Obama gets his suits customs tailored by Hartmarx, a 125-year-old menswear company and the country’s largest suit-maker located in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. As mentioned on About.com’s Men Fashion site, “the Obama suit, as it is often called, is always the same style and material — a two-button, single-breasted suit jacket and single pleated pant with inch-and-a-quarter cuffs, and is made of a 97% worsted wool and 3% cashmere blend.”

One of the best things about President Obama’s classic style is that he constantly exudes refinement and elegance through his well-tailored suits. Though his are actually custom-tailored, the main lesson to take out of his style is that the fit truly is key in looking president-level good. Coincidentally, while he was senator of Illinois, Obama bought his suits off-the-rack (i.e. from stores), but simply made sure to choose the ones that fit him best. Clearly, Barack Obama has thankfully never compromised the tailoring of his suits. In that manner, the president is only ever seen in suits that fit his tall and slender frame. In accordance, that enables his suits to drape perfectly over and around his torso, and also for his pants to fall at the perfect level above his dress shoes. Additionally, by being picky with his tailoring, all of Obama’s suits fit perfectly around the shoulders in a manner that ensures his sleeves have the ideal length of being just short enough to let the sleeves of his dress-shirts peak from underneath.

Another important element of Obama’s style is how he sticks to time-tested classics no matter the occasion. As stated in AskMen, “the foundational rule of Barack Obama’s style is to keep your wardrobe simple with finely made dark suits, a crisp white shirt and the camera-friendly pale blue tie or a deep red tie just to change things up.” Citing a previous SuitUpp post, “the most commendable aspect of Mr. Obama’s attire is his devotion to consistency.” Classics truly never change.

With a style like that, one can only hope President Barack Obama will be given the opportunity to showcase the best of menswear tailoring (and leadership, of course) to the rest of the world for the next four years. On that note, if you’re an American, make sure it vote today! Be it for whoever, each and every single voice counts!

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