What is the best transitional jacket this Spring?

Wool Varsity-Style Blazer

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With Winter almost done, and Spring right on its heels, it’s already time to start thinking of how to update one’s wardrobe for the warmer temperatures and brighter spirits of the upcoming season. As tacky as it may sound to associate Spring with rebirth and all that happy jazz, it certainly is the most apt description of the spirit of rejuvenation that always accompanies Spring. With that said, if you feel reborn, why shouldn’t your closet too?

In this first post in a mini-series on getting one’s closet ready for Spring, the main item on the menu is the transitional jacket. As a center piece to anyone’s wardrobe, the transitional jacket is that one versatile piece that get you through the awkward weeks between Winter and Spring, when it’s no quite cold enough for a full-on winter coat, but still not warm enough for Spring’s typical light jackets.

From first-hand experience, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best materials for a transitional jacket is classic wool. Though this natural fabric is usually associated with the coldest days of Winter, over here in Canada where bone-chillingly cold weather is an everyday curse during the hibernal months, wool is only effective in protecting one from the frigid cold when it is dressed over many a layer of clothes. However, wool jackets show their true strength when they are used as transitional pieces seeing as the natural fiber is just thick enough to shield out the cold, yet still light enough to allow you to breathe while the temperatures slowly rise throughout the day.

What is most likely the single best quality of wool again refers to its “in-between” nature of not being warm enough for everything winter can cruelly throw at you, yet still being too thick for the mildness of Spring days. Consequently, the fact that wool jackets are perfect for both Spring and Fall ensures that they are some of the most versatile jackets money can buy!

Accordingly, one of the best things about wool jackets is that they can be found in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, they run the gamut from lined to unlined, depending on your tolerance to the signature itchiness of wool. In case the standard wool topcoat doesn’t fully appeal to you sartorial needs, one of my favorite styles of wool jackets is the classic varsity-style jacket. With its quintessential styling inspired by the same letterman jackets awarded to varsity athletes, the varsity-style jacket is one that never goes out of style, and never fails at keeping you warm those awkward climate moments between spring and winter. As discussed in GQ, varsity-style jackets feature a “baseball-style silhouette [that] is rendered in [a light] wool that gives the sporty style some heft without making it feel bulky.” In addition, varsity-style jackets can be found in many different variations, from the classic model to more modern versions that feature its signature details like “graphic striped ribbing on the collar, hem and cuffs, plus contrast hints at the pocket.”

All in all, because of their “in-between” nature of being too light for winter and too thick for spring, wool jackets are the ideal transitional pieces for this upcoming Spring. There’s undoubtedly one for everyone eagerly waiting to be worn and brought to life this Spring. Nothing awkward about that!

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