How to update winter colours for Spring

Camel and Deep Purple used in a Spring outfit

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

Now that’re we’re getting closer and closer to the long-awaited end of Winter and the imminent beginning of Spring, it’s time to start thinking of which winter colours can be incorporated into a Spring wardrobe. Thankfully, because we have yet to fully commence Spring, it is still possible to incorporate items from the Winter season in a seamless and truly economic manner. Following last week’s post on wool jackets as the ideal transitional pieces, this is the second installment in this mini-series on updating one’s closet for the warmer Spring temperatures.

Of the many items that compose a winter wardrobe, the one that can probably be integrated easiest into a Spring closet is most definitely the classic pair of winter boots. Though many traditional winter boots are still made in a manner where function undeniably trumps form, recently there has been a veritable explosion in the number of winter boots that, while still protecting you from the adversities of Winter, nonetheless enable you to look refined and modern. Accordingly, these winter boots are the perfect type that can also be worn during the Spring season where endless amounts of snow is replaced by excessive quantities of rain.

The great thing about this new breed of stylish-yet-functional boots is that they often come in contemporary colour palettes where camel, burgundy and deep purple are central. An excellent pair of boots that I recently saw, and consequently currently covet, featured a thick  and rugged sole perfect for both flattening the life out of snow and splashing away at whatever remnants of watery slush that may stand in your unstoppable way. For style, they also featured a fashionable strap-buckle that run the upper, laced-up half of the boot. Though purely for form, that element certainly excelled in its task.

When it comes to incorporating winter garments into a Spring wardrobe, I would again recommend sticking to items in either camel, burgundy or deep purple. The breadth of the spectrum between those to central hues ensures that there are many colours that are appropriate for both Winter and Spring, from classic beige to earthy terracotta by way of fruity raspberry. With that said, those colours are notably some of the few hues that can be used both during Winter and Spring because, while still acting as neutrals, they are nonetheless able to reinvigorate and bring life to any outfit. They are classic tones that can act as complements to any colour scheme without becoming the central point of focus. The use of these colours is especially recommended when it comes to wearing Winter accessories on a need-only basis during the first weeks of Spring when the weather can still be slightly chilly.

Clearly, there are truly a plethora of items in classic wintry hues that can still be worn this upcoming Spring. These versatile colours transcend seasons and, when used with the right items, can seamlessly merge function with form.

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