Wearing shoes with coloured soles this Spring

Shoes with coloured soles

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With Spring rapidly approaching, now is the best opportunity to start thinking of new ways to welcome the breath of fresh air that this change in season represents. As the third part of the mini-series in adapting one’s wardrobe for the upcoming Spring season, there is no better way to “add a little bit of Spring to your step” than by embracing the growing trend that are shoes with coloured soles.

Despite the fact that this style first appeared a couple of seasons ago, only now has it truly been recognized as a veritable trend  in menswear. Though you’ve probably already seen an example of it, essentially all that this trend really consists of is the use of vividly coloured soles to liven up any pair of shoes, be they sporty sneakers or formal lace-ups. As concisely stated in The New York Times, the best way to describe this novel trend is “in short, color. It’s everywhere. On dress shoes. For grown men.” Furthermore, “everyone’s buying them, [from] young street-wear guys [to] conservative Wall Street types.”

The great thing about this footwear trend is that it is incredibly easy to adopt and adapt to one’s particular preferences. Because so many different and distinct styles of shoes now feature this sartorial detail, notably business-ready dress-shoes, there’s been a veritable merger of formal austerity with casual playfulness. Consequently, with such a diversified selection, it’s never been easier to choose a pair of lace-ups that are appropriate for both work and the weekend! Again, as mentioned in The New York Times, the undeniable appeal of shoes with coloured soles can mostly be attributed to the fact “that as colorful as the shoes are, they’re versatile, nicely dressing up a pair of khakis or shorts or adding a flourish to a summer suit and tie.”

When it comes to wearing such a style of footwear with a suit, I would definitely recommend sticking to a pair with a black leather upper, so as to conserve the formality of the occasion, while still placing an emphasis on the vivid tone of the sole. If ever that contrast is too much for your work environment, then I would also suggest trying a pair of light grey shoes seeing as it acts as a light neutral that complements while still effectively toning down the colourful hues.

Another important benefit of wearing shoes with brightly coloured soles is that, you guessed it, they stick out like nobody’s business. However, it’s important to note that they stick out in only the best way possible! Naturally, by featuring a sole that is in an eye-popping hue like Kelly green or canary yellow or even royal blue, the contrast between the sole and the upper of the shoe is one that definitely won’t go unnoticed. This eye-catching quality is even more obvious when you consider the fact that the workplace is pretty much a sea of boring hblack shoes on boring black soles

Nevertheless, with all that said, one crucial thing to remember is because this style of shoe is so in-your-face with it’s unique styling, not everyone will necessarily find it appropriate for everyday wear. For most, this footwear trend is what you fall back on those days when you want your appearance to reflect your cheery mood. One can only hope that’s every day!

All in all, now that we’ll finally soon be entering the joyous season that is Spring, you might as well invest in a pair of shoes that testify to your reinvigorated sense of life, especially at a place like work where the dreariness of business is the rule. This Spring, let’s live a little!

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