How to wear contrast-collar dress shirts

Contrast-collar shirts

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With Spring having officially started yesterday, it’s finally time to start drop everything and anything winter-related, so as to embrace the good weather that imminently awaits. With that said, preparing oneself for the general blissful vibes of Spring also means stowing away the winter classics in one’s wardrobe, and consequently making way for the lighter seasonal garments that have been longing to be worn.

A formal style in menswear that, in my opinion, is a classic of Spring/Summer business fashion is the modern contrast-collar dress shirt. As its name indicates, the contrast-collar dress shirt is one that features exactly that, a collar that is a different colour from the rest of the body, contrasting collars. Furthermore, this style of shirt also often features contrast cuffs that concord with the colour of the collar. So as to place an emphasis on the contrast between both elements of the dress shirt, the collar is usually white while the rest of the shirt is typically a light Spring/Summer friendly colour, such as pastels like lavender, mint, and baby blue .

One of the greatest qualities of the contrast-collar dress shirt is that it is appropriate for both the spring and fall season. As a simple style that goes a long way in reviving any drab business suit, the contrast-collar shirt is extremely versatile seeing as it is featured in a wide array of colours that span the entire range of colours from the lighter spring hues to the more sombre fall palette. It’s notably this element that has permitted the contrast-collar shirts to be updated and modernized from its more trite beginnings as a Wall Street classic.

Accordingly, on top of being featured in many different colours, the contrast-collar dress shirt can also be found in different business-appropriate prints like classic gingham, to the more traditional pinstripe, by way of more subdued checks. As mentioned on Fashion Beans, “the classic light blue shirt with white collar is an iconic style that is very easy to pair against your black, navy or grey suits.” Thus, when paired with solid-coloured suits, the interplay between the dark body of the suit, the pattern of the shirt and the contrast of the collar will definitely create an eye-catching, modern appeal.

Another splendid characteristic of the contrast-collar dress shirt is that it’s as appropriate for more formal, business occasions as it is for more casual, night-on-the-town soirĂ©es. So, be it paired with dress pants or jeans, this shirt will act as an effective sartorial complement that can add life to any outfit. As mentioned in AskMen, with a light Spring palette, “choosing a contrast-collar shirt, especially one of a darker color like black, as your going-out option with dark rinse jeans will be a wise decision” seeing as the contrast between the main body of the shirt and the jeans will harmonize and emphasize the original contrast of the collar.

All in all, the contrast-collar dress shirt is the best way to add an element of visual intrigue to any outfit, be it for the day or the night. Remember, this Spring, it’s all about making your looks “pop!”

Also, make sure to check out this image gallery for great examples of contrast-collar dress shirts!

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