How to wear Desert Boots with a suit

Desert Boots with a suit

Image courtesy of Aquila

Now that all the snow has finally melted away and Spring has officially begun, it’s become time for you to retire your heavy-duty winter boots, and instead embrace something that is more geared towards the warmer temperatures. With that said, one of the most Spring-appropriate styles of men’s footwear currently on the market is undeniably the classic Desert Boots.

Having been designed over 60 years ago by Nathan Clark (yes, of Clarks shoes), the Desert Boot is certainly one of the most timeless styles of men’s footwear out there. Because of its rooted history as a classic in a wide range of menswear styles across the decades, the Desert Boot is as versatile as it is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. As mentioned in a post on Aquila, “the desert boot is practical and the fact that it can be worn with almost any outfit through all seasons cements it as an all-purpose wardrobe staple.” With that said, though the desert boot is often viewed as a more casual style because of its classic construction that consists of a simple suede upper and crepe (or rubber) sole, it can still be worn with suits in a business environment, if done the right way of course.

When it comes to wearing desert boots with a suit, one thing I would recommend is making sure you pair your neutral-coloured desert boots with a neutral-coloured business ensemble. Because the contrast between the casual nature of the shoes and the business-ready, more formal nature of the suit is naturally evident, there’s no point really emphasizing it further with an excessive contrast between colours. Accordingly, for this summer, if you’re looking for a classic desert boot in neutral hues of taupe and beige, I would strongly suggest pairing that model with a light summer suit of the same colour.

Another benefit of wearing desert boots with a suit is that they have the potential to tone down the formality of any suit, while still ensuring the entire outfit is still business appropriate. This classic look was notably very popular during the Mod-era of the 50s and 60s, where men in London were often seen wearing desert boots with sleek suits. As discussed on The Stylish Mr. Gordon, though to this day desert boots are still normally seen paired with a casual pair of cuffed jeans, “the supporters [of desert boots] feel that a great composition is struck between the  the formal suit against and the casual dessert boot.”

Because the desert boot is such a versatile piece, it can be found in a wide array of different colours and prints that are appropriate for different seasons. Accordingly, for this Spring/Summer season, as aforementioned, I would certainly recommend purchasing a pair of desert boots in a classic earthy hues like beige, taupe, camel or even brown. Other all-season colours that would look great year-round are navy, black, and even the more elusive grey. The great thing about these colours is that they can also be found in more daring leather. Accordingly, they can add a bit of textural intrigue to any business outfit.

In summary, all I can say is have fun this season, and add some “Spring to your step” with the help of a new pair of desert boots! Be it for work or for play, these shoes will definitely fit the bill!

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