Wearing pastel accesories this Spring season

Pastel accessories for Spring

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With Easter having only just come and gone this past weekend, Spring is definitely in the air everywhere at the moment. Though the sporadic temperatures aren’t much of an indication of the good times to come, the sartorial zest with which people are embracing this change in season is certainly a testament to Spring’s optimism.

Accordingly, as discussed in this previous Suit Upp post, one of the easiest ways of marking an easy and effective welcoming of Spring is by updating the colours in one’s wardrobe, so they can reflect the sense of life and joie de vivre that is commonly associated with this season.

When it comes to the exact palette of pastel colours in question, I’m generally referring to cheery colours like lavender, light mint, blush pink, and even baby blue. Because these colours are so refreshing and lively in their light airiness, they can be paired with a wide range of suit colours. From black to navy to grey by way of more summery light beiges, pastel tones are surprisingly almost as versatile as neutrals! However, the only warning I must give when it comes to wearing pastel colours with suits is that they aren’t at all appropriate for matching with more earthy colours like deep beiges and chocolatey browns. With that said, I would strongly suggest sticking to the aforementioned darker range of neutrals for everyday suits, or a light summer beige in the case of a quintessential linen suit.

As light and airy tones that truly look good on any skin tone, a quick update of one’s wardrobe to pastel colours is the easiest and most cost-effective manner of letting everyone know you’re ready to live and little, and enjoy life. When it comes to accomplishing said task, the simplest manner of going about it is honestly through one’s accessories. This post places such an important focus on accessories because not everyone is really up to wearing pastel blazers and pants on a regular basis during this season. Thus, though menswear isn’t really known for its abundance of accessories, there nonetheless are many items that men can wear in a subtle manner that demonstrate sartorial playfulness and expertise, without necessitating a complete overhaul of one’s closet.

As stated in this past Suit Upp post, my favorite of all men’s accessories is definitely the modern, vividly-coloured or boldly-printed pair of socks. Because they are so subtle yet can still make such a sartorial statement, socks will always have an special spot in my menswear-loving heart. Accordingly, pastel-coloured socks look incredibly dapper under darker colours like navy and black, and also lighter neutrals like light grey, especially when they peek ever so slightly under the hem.

Other accessories that look great in pastel colours are certainly the classic tie, a complementing pocket square, and a pair of elegant cufflinks. As mentioned above, when these accessories are juxtaposed over a dark and solid colour, the contrast this inevitably creates is incredibly sharp and classy, and emanates much-appreciated vibes of a general suave allure and  nonchalant refinement. For cufflinks, ties and pocket squares, you can also play with white as a pastel colour seeing as it harmonizes so well with the rest of the palette.

So, in conclusion, if you’re not ready to update your entire wardrobe to Spring colours, you might as well just update your accessories! The contrast they uniquely create makes them as effective as they are subtle! Can you ask for anything better?

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