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What type of a belt and buckle should I wear with my suit?

When it comes to suits, nothing can be left up to chance. Be it the shoes, the tie and even the cufflinks, everything must be chosen with precise care in order to ensure the utmost class of the wearer. To add to that list of essentials, there is also the classic duo of the belt [...]

What is a Cummerbund? When to wear a Cummerbund…

A cummerbund is simply a belt-like pleated article of clothing that is typically worn around the waist as part of the attire for a formal event – i.e. commonly worn with a tux. The cummerbund was first adopted by British colonial officers who ventured off into India. This article of clothing became popular amongst these [...]

Should you wear a belt with your Suit? When can you skip the belt?

In the 2004 movie, “Collateral”, you can see superstar Tom Cruise flaunting his suit, but without a belt: Now the question is, should you wear a belt? Is it appropriate not to wear one? If so, when is an appropriate occasion for the belt-less look? If you’ve taken a look at any of the photoshoots [...]

Wearing Your Belt Buckle to the Side – Should You do it?

We were recently asked if it was a good idea for one to wear their belt buckle to the side. It seems that an increasing number of people are doing this. Does this mean that it’s a new trend or are these people just crazy? The most important point to take into account is why [...]

Matching Your Belt and Shoes. How Closely do they have to Match?

How Closely Do My Belt and Shoes need to match? How to Match your belt and shoes.