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Who should pay when you go to dinner?

Pursuant to our last blog post where we talked about how to host a business dinner, we’ve decided to talk about a sensitive etiquette topic – who should pay when you go to dinner? We’re not just talking about a business dinner, and not just about a date, or an outing with friends… We’ll try [...]

How to Host a Business Dinner – Etiquette in Hosting a Dinner

We’re going to take the leap of faith here and assume that readers of this blog may be interested in some business etiquette tips. If you wear a suit to work, chances are that there will be a time when you’ll need to host a business dinner – hopefully, we’re right! Either way, some etiquette [...]

Dinner Etiquette Lessons – Which Wine Glass is Yours?

As mentioned in my last post: suit jacket buttons, I recently went to a corporate dinner/dance and was in awe at the number of mistakes I encountered with respect to dressing up and dinner table etiquette. There were too many things to go into detail – but one issue that really did bother me was [...]

Dinner Table Etiquette, Guidelines, and Advice for Men

Learn about dinner etiquette guidelines for men – including how you should wear your suit jacket.