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What kind of material should my suit be made of for summer vs. winter wear?

When it comes to choosing the best suit, many critical factors must be taken into account. One of these paramount elements is the fabric used to make the suit in question. The choice of the material that composes a suit has to be done in a rational manner that reflects the bipolarity that characterizes both [...]

What are Pleats? What kind of Pleats are there?

Pleats are basically folds in fabric that are formed by folding a fabric onto itself. There are a few types of pleats out there… the main categorization comes from whether or not the pleat is “pressed.” If the pleat is pressed, this will mean that the fold will be a lot sharper. Similarly, if the [...]

What is Tweed? Should you wear Tweed?

Tweed is a rough and course fabric that tends to be itchy. It is essentially unfinished wool. In general terms, tweed resembles cheviot or homespun but it is a bit more closely woven. In order to give the fabric a more lively look, different colored strands of wool (mainly subdued colors) are woven in a [...]

What to wear with a Seersucker Suit – Match Your Seersucker Jacket

Learn what to wear with a Seersucker Suit and learn about the Seersucker fabric in general.

Seersucker Fabric – Where Did it Come From? Why is it Worn? Part I

Seersucker fabric is commonly associated with spring/summer clothing. The primary reason for this is that this type of fabric helps dissipate heat. The fabric itself is typically all-cotton and is striped/checkered. The word Seersucker may seem odd to you. The reason is that it did not originate from English but rather Persian. In Persian, it [...]