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How many different types of shirt collars are there? Which ones should I wear with my suit?

Image courtesy of Indochino – the #1 source for buying custom made shirts and suits online A facet of menswear ignored by most, including yours truly, is the veritable plethora of dress shirt collars that exist. From the traditional collar to the round collar, by way of the wing collar, there are around a dozen [...]

What is a Detachable Collar? Should you wear one?

A detachable collar, as the name suggests, is a separate collar from the shirt that can be fastened on with the use of studs. This type of collar is usually made of different material and is usually white in collar. The material the collar is made of is usually stiff and has also been given [...]

Should you run shirtless? Advantages and Disadvantages of running shirtless

It’s Summertime and it’s hot outside. For all you runners out there, what kind of attire is most appropriate for your run? Most importantly, can you run outside shirtless? If you’re not a runner, you probably don’t care, but for runners, running shirtless is an important consideration. There are a lot of factors to considers [...]

Can men wear pink?

Historically speaking, there was a time when it used to be quite common for men to wear pink (an offshoot of red) and for women to wear the more conservative blue color (think Catholic School Uniforms). Perhaps this was because men were allowed to be more adventurous in those times as compared to women. Pink [...]

What kind of shirt collars can you wear with your Tuxedo?

The type of shirt that you wear with your tuxedo is generally defined by the material it’s made from, the pleats, the collar, and the cuffs. In this post, we’ll talk about the 3 main type of collars that come with Tuxedo shirts. WingTip Collar: This type of ┬ácollar is classic and is typically worn [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Tailor My Shirt, Suit, and Pants?

How Much Does it Cost to Tailor your Shirt, Suit, Pants, etc… Learn the details and facts.