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Boots 101 – Different Types of Boots – Part II

We’ve written a lot about shoes here at SuitUpp (such as our article on common shoe varieties) and we’ve even taken the liberty of talking about certain types of shoes in more detail (such as boat shoes). What we haven’t done is talk about boots and so that’ll be the focus of today’s article. Boots [...]

How to shine your shoes – shoe shining 101

We’ve written about shoes quite a few times here at SuitUpp… From how to maintain your shoes to a description of the different shoe types you could buy, we’ve covered a variety of topics. What we haven’t talked about yet is how to shine your shoes. While it does feel great to get your shoes [...]

Dress shoes with Shorts? Socks with Shorts? What can you wear with Shorts?

It’s summer time! You know what that means… shorts! But with power comes responsibility… if you’re going to be wearing shorts, you’ve got to know what you can wear with them… Can you wear socks? Should you wear sandals? Dress shoes? What can you wear? This is exactly what we’ll talk about this week! First [...]

Patent Leather Shoes 101: What are they? When should you wear them?

Patent leather is a type of leather that has been finished to look highly shiny and glossy (as the picture below demonstrates). We owe its invention to Seth Boyden (of Newark) who invented the process back in 1818. He was looking for a way to distinguish regular leather shoes, that one would wear to work, [...]

Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans

For a night on the town, we all know that jeans are very appealing. An essential part of your wardrobe, though, is your footwear. The question, is, what type of shoes work best with your nice pair of jeans. At SuitUpp, we’re a big fan of contrast when it comes to suits. The truth is [...]

When can you wear white? What do Memorial Day and Labor Day have to do with it?

Recently, we got a message from one of our readers down in Texas that asked if he could wear white shoes to an event at the end of March. White is a tricky color. It’s meant to draw attention and is a great color to wear when its hot outside (i.e. doesn’t absorb the heat). [...]

What Color Pants Should I Wear with Light Brown Shoes?

Which colors in pants go best with light brown shoes? How about dark brown shoes? Find out here in this article.

What are Boat Shoes? How to Wear Boat Shoes – Should You Skip the Socks?

What are boat shoes? What can you wear with Boat Shoes? Should You Wear Socks? Loafers vs Boat Shoes explained.

What shoes to wear with a Military Style MK2 Shirt and Dark Jeans?

Learn what type of shoes to wear with a miliary mk2 shirt and dark jeans – choosing your shoes made easy.

What Color Shoes Should I Wear with an Off-white Suit

Learn what color shoes to wear with an off-white suit – also learn about how to choose your shoe colors :)