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What is a blazer? When should I wear a blazer? What accessories to wear with a blazer?

  As a classic everyday piece in menswear, the definition of a blazer is often forgotten in the sea of jackets that compose today‚Äôs fashion. Surprisingly, the blazer is nothing more than a suit coat cut in a more casual manner that makes it a more versatile piece. Accordingly, a blazer is usually adorned by [...]

Thin lapels on your suit jacket. Are they a trend & How to wear them?

Again on the subject of suits and the many carefully chosen elements that compose a chic ensemble, the lapels that adorn a blazer have recently been thrust into the fashion limelight with the emergence of a new style: thin lapels. By being a purely stylistic addition to the blazer, the lapels offer the wearer a [...]

What is the difference between black tie and white tie events?

After the 1950s, formal events and black tie events became almost synonymous in North America. This wasn’t the case previously and still isn’t the case in a lot of European countries. Traditionally, white-tie events were known as formal events and black-tie events were simply semi-formal. We’ve talked about black-tie attire here before at SuitUpp and [...]

How to Buy a Suit – Most Important Factors to Consider

It’s wedding season for a lot people and this means that buying a suit is something that a lot of men are thinking about. If you’re on the hunt for a suit, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for so that you find something that will last for you the long run. In [...]

When to button up your Suit Jacket and When to leave it unbuttoned

Recently, I was at a corporate dinner/dance and I was amazed at how some of the attendees did not know how to wear their suit jackets properly in different scenarios. There were lots of problems that caught my attention, but one of the specifics was the buttons on the attendees’ suit jackets. Here are a [...]

Number of buttons on your suit Jacket – Part II

How many buttons should you suit jacket have?

Sports Jacket vs Blazer – What is the difference?

What is the difference between an odd jacket, blazer and sports jacket? Find out here.

How to Match the odd Pinstripe Jacket with Pants? Should the Pants Have Stripes?

Learn how to match a pinstriped jacket with a pair of pants. Would solid colored pants be acceptable?

Tallia – Two Button Blazer

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