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How to wear a brown suit

As the last three posts in this Mad Men series have focused on small accessories that complete an outfit, this post is about something much more fundamental and classic: the suit itself. However, as the hit show has proven itself to be sartorially, just not any suit can make the cut for those mad men. [...]

Style tip: bold cufflinks

Following the last two posts in the Mad Men series, this week’s post is yet again about an understated accessory that was a quintessential element of 60s styling, despite its minute size. Though cufflinks and french cuffs have now practically been completely replaced by the practicality of shirts with sleeves that only needed to be [...]

How to wear a pocket square

  Continuing along with the Mad Men theme that was central to last week’s post, this week’s entry is all about another classic accessory that was all the rage during the 60s, and is thankfully back to stay: the pocket square. Though this sartorial detail may seem like exactly that, nothing more than a detail, the [...]

How to wear a Tie Bar?

So, now that I’ve spent far too much time watching the first season of Mad Men (late, I know), I’ve naturally developed something of a penchant for the splendid 60′s styling that makes this show such a sartorial treat for the eyes. With that said, one of the central characteristics of this “retro-dapper” look is the [...]

Wearing pastel accesories this Spring season

With Easter having only just come and gone this past weekend, Spring is definitely in the air everywhere at the moment. Though the sporadic temperatures aren’t much of an indication of the good times to come, the sartorial zest with which people are embracing this change in season is certainly a testament to Spring’s optimism. [...]

How to wear Desert Boots with a suit

Now that all the snow has finally melted away and Spring has officially begun, it’s become time for you to retire your heavy-duty winter boots, and instead embrace something that is more geared towards the warmer temperatures. With that said, one of the most Spring-appropriate styles of men’s footwear currently on the market is undeniably [...]

How to wear contrast-collar dress shirts

With Spring having officially started yesterday, it’s finally time to start drop everything and anything winter-related, so as to embrace the good weather that imminently awaits. With that said, preparing oneself for the general blissful vibes of Spring also means stowing away the winter classics in one’s wardrobe, and consequently making way for the lighter [...]

How to wear loafers this Spring

As what has been hailed as the “it” shoe of the upcoming Spring season in menswear, loafers have definitely having their much-deserved moment in the sartorial spotlight. Though loafers truly are a timeless classic that will certainly never go out of style, it’s great to see them finally being recognized as the menswear staple they [...]

Wearing shoes with coloured soles this Spring

With Spring rapidly approaching, now is the best opportunity to start thinking of new ways to welcome the breath of fresh air that this change in season represents. As the third part of the mini-series in adapting one’s wardrobe for the upcoming Spring season, there is no better way to “add a little bit of [...]

How to update winter colours for Spring

Now that’re we’re getting closer and closer to the long-awaited end of Winter and the imminent beginning of Spring, it’s time to start thinking of which winter colours can be incorporated into a Spring wardrobe. Thankfully, because we have yet to fully commence Spring, it is still possible to incorporate items from the Winter season in a [...]